Best Drill Press Table 2018 Reviews – Do NOT buy before reading this!

Best drill press table is one of the valuable assets any Woodworker requires, it is part of an infrastructure which cannot be neglected. A drill press table refrains the workpiece to wobble, in turn resulting into fine drills and secure operations.It totally upgrades your workspace.

There are tons of drill press tables in the market but choosing a right one is always tough. This reviews will surely assist you to make a smart choice and make this journey hassle-free. Here are 7 best drill press tables which have been chosen by testing them on various criteria.

Best Drill Press Table

Best Drill Press Table 2018 Reviews

Without further ado, here is the list best drill press tables & their in-depth reviews.

#1 DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand

DEWALT is one of the trusted brands in this arena. This product can sustain high pressure the reason behind it is tough steel foundation.

It is the table on wheels, it can be moved through it weighs 57 pounds.

It provides most secure operations, there is no reason to doubt any quality issues as it has best to offer.

Pros :

Most industrial works can be done with ease.

The table surface is of fibers. No holes required as it comes with drilled once.

It is rough and tough, quite heavy but portable due to the presence of wheels at the bottom.

Cons :

It might get difficult to assemble the parts together.

#2 Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

Shop Fox D2056 can be called beast in its range which can survive huge weights up to 700 pounds. It might not look like conventional Drill Press Table but, it has way lot more to offer.

The vibrations usually caused during heavy drilling are reduced due to its overall structure, construction and rubber paddings at its legs.

The warranty period might be disappointing which 90 days after the day of purchase.

It’s quite robust and mostly used for the prolonged period.

If you are working on Byzantine task in woodworking this table is made for you.

Pros :

Eliminates vibrations caused by heavy drilling. Makes the work noiseless.

The price is a sweet spot, inexpensive in its range.

Substantially safe due to its inbuilt features.

It can carry heavy weights of 700 pounds.

Cons :

Portability of Shop Fox D2056 might be a concern as it lacks provisions for mobility.

#3 Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT70

Proxxon 27100 is very Compact but loaded with benefits. It has a scale which helps to acquire precision from drilling perspective. Along with extra accessories which can be used with other drilling equipment. Its small size saves way lot of space.

Impressive results are noticed while drilling into tiny sensitive work articles which are prone to break.

Its overall mechanism is different than other existing drill press tables.

Pros :

It’s compact size, light weight, portability makes it a hotshot.

Precision is high end due to its scale and T-Track Combo.

Useful while working on vintage articles.

It’s snazzy looks due to the aluminum surface with illuminating effect.

Cons :

Proxxon 27100 does not serve Industrial needs of woodworking.

#4 HTC HTT-31 Tool Table

HTT-31 Tool Table is excellent when you consider compatibility with the variety of Drill Presses. It can be said that HTT-31 is Jack of all trades.

Friction property is attained with rubber paddings which avoid skidding, slipping hazards.

Its two-level table which can be expanded into two parts. The noteworthy feature is its Lifetime warranty.

Pros :

It can be loaded with heavy weights up to 500 lbs.

The lower shelf is a plus point as it can be used for storage purpose increasing its utilization.

It splits into parts while working on making it enough flexible.

Cons :

It’s a bit prone to damage but, it’s not an issue as it comes with the warranty of lifetime.

#5 MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table and Fence

The MLCS is a top notch brand when it comes to drill press table. The prime reason to have this table is its dual T tracks provides high end holding power. Most drill press machines are compatible with this table.

Another feature is its light weight hence, you can easily port it from one place to another.

This table has a host of benefits attached to it. It is certainly the best buy.

Pros :

MLCS 2326 has brilliant holding power which is the primary purpose to have drill press table.

It’s Lightweight is a key feature, which gives it added advantage.

Extremely Solid construction easy to adjust due to its adjustable fence.

It can be also used as router table with slight modifications. It’s kinda multi-purpose table.

Quite Affordable catering multitude of requirements.

Cons :

Some of the Drill presses which are not so familiar might (possibly not certainly) not work well with it.

#6 Woodpeckers Precision WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table

Woodpeckers products have always been appreciated by woodworkers community throughout, this table is one of them. The dual T-track system makes it powerful and it’s fence provides extra volume to its holding capacity.

Laser engraved scales is the striking feature which makes it more visible to carry out accurate drilling at desired spots. The surface is glossy made up of a special type of MDF material. The efforts while drilling is reduced to the great extent and safely undergo heavy pressures.

Pros :

The laser engraved scales gives it wings make it unbeatable in terms of accuracy.

The table is quite spacious, can be used to work on huge projects in terms of surface area.

The price is totally check it u will be surprised too.

The MDF fiber makes everything look clean even if there are dust deposits.

Cons :

The height of Drill press you are going to use should be more than 12 inches. If not, this table is not for you.

#7 MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

MLCS 9765 is a prominent drill press table with a right balance between price and performance. There is no compromise in performance due to its low price. This is most suitable for freelance woodworkers.

It has Melanie surface which gives it quite good texture and reduces its weight.

Portability factor makes it even hotter. Fine, accurate drills are made by holding drill press and workpiece quite tight.

Pros :

The price is so amazing with a cool set of added features like clamping system.

The T-track make working effective, secure and hazard free.

It can be used for all types of Drill presses especially benchtop presses

The table can be easily assembled in the very short amount of time.

Cons :

The table needs to be adjusted according to particular work requirements. This might increase some effort.

Wrapping Up

All seven of drill press tables are from best brands out there, renowned for their quality service. Each of the best drill press table in this list is picked with utmost research and garnering information, experiences related to it. Bringing to you the best of its kind. Hope this review will help you out in selecting the right one. Still, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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