Best Massage Chair Reviews 2018 – Most Comprehensive Guide

There’s a misconception that massage chairs are expensive. It’s because people almost never compare the costs of buying a chair with that of your regular massage sessions. Depending on the place you go, just an hour of massage will cost you $25 to $250, or more than that. And, visiting the masseuse every single day isn’t really practical either. Now, think about having one of the best massage chair, which offers you the comfort and convenience of your home.

Now that you have decided to purchase a massage chair, let’s strike of random selection from the list. Simply selecting a massage chair based on comfort may not be the best decision. In the course of time, you might want a few customization features too. If you are new to this industry, it can be tough, but don’t worry. Here, we have listed and reviewed the top rated massage chairs on the market. All of these are people’s favorite choices although specifications vary.

Best Massage Chair Reviews 2018

We have included at least one massage chair from different budget ranges. Even if you don’t have the biggest budget, you can have a standard massaging experience. On the other hand, there always is an option to pay a bit more for additional quality and features.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the massage chair reviews.

#1. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is one of those massage chairs that proves worthy of what it costs. If you can spend a few thousand dollars on a massage chair, this one is the best choice in the market. This chair has one of the broadest massage coverage, which gives a wholesome feel to the body.

To power more than 1200 Square Inches of massage area, there are 100 Airbags and a dedicated Dreamwave technology. You’re unlikely to face any side effects because the chair maintains natural body balance during massage sessions. The scanning mode of Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is enabled before sessions.

Looking at the design, you will know how comfortable Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair will be. Your entire body is being simulated, thanks to its 8-motion massaging system. It is going to mimic the popular and effective Shiatsu therapy for relieving your body. It feels just awesome to try the morning program.

This chair probably is the most customizable one on our list. There are 8 Massage modes, in addition to the special mode for younger users. Also, via the solid body scanning system, the chair will create the awesome combination of pressure points out of 1000 options.

Summing up, Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is the perfect choice if you need a real-like simulation of Shiatsu massage therapy. You are paying a relatively huge amount, but you will never go to professional massage centers if you have this massage chair.

#2. Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

Although not the most expensive one, Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair has a higher price tag. Despite that, it’s one of the highest-rated massage chairs on Amazon, which isn’t easy to achieve. So, when you purchase this chair, you’d never have to worry about quality and comfort.

When you place yourself on the chair, it gives you a complete feeling, thanks to the well-researched design. Of course, safety issues aren’t something you should worry about. Even during intense massage sessions on this chair, there is a healthy feel that we get for the body.

Coming with a handheld, smart and touch-controlled remote, you can customize the Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair to give you the best massage. For instance, we could use any of the pre-set programs or even customize a plan and save it under an individual’s name. The chair can save up to 5.

You can also decide the intensity at which Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair is running the massages. The massages feel truly professional, probably because of the True 3D Robotic System in use. We’d love to call Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair the most hi-tech massage chair.

At the end, we’d recommend this massage chair for everyone who needs the ultimate massaging experience. From the experienced we had at the Luraco center, it was amazing and the chair is even preferred by Military Bases. Last but not least, the product is worth every penny you spend. Period.

#3. INFINITY IT-8500 2-Zero Gravity Heating Airbag Massage Chair

If you are looking for an affordable zero-gravity massage chair, INFINITY IT-8500 2 would be our suggestion on this list. Looking at the chair, you can tell a lot about the standard design. There aren’t any fancy features to talk about, but the massaging experience is too good.

In case you haven’t tried zero-gravity chairs yet, they are the best. And, this massage chair offers two modes of Zero Gravity massaging. The best part is that it comes with an excellent body scanner sensor too. As per the analysis, the machine will let you choose the best massaging techniques too.

INFINITY IT-8500 2-Zero Gravity Heating Airbag Massage Chair comes with 6 massage techniques, along with the lumbar heating system. According to our experience, the 4-wheel massage mechanism is effective while our convenience isn’t compromised.

Some of the noticeable features of the product are the included headphone port and the airbag-pressure tech used for massaging works fine on every part of the body, including leg and feet. Although not comparable, the complete feeling that INFINITY IT-8500 2-Zero Gravity Heating Airbag Massage Chair provides is fine.

We’d recommend this massage chair if you prefer an affordable pricing and Zero-Gravity system. While it’s not having many tech-oriented features, the overall comfort offered is pretty awesome. As we said, its price is truly substantial as well.

#4. Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair would be the best choice when you don’t want to spend more than a few thousand dollars for a massage chair. This chair has a 4.6/5.0 rating on Amazon — you know that’s something amazing for such an affordable price.

As the name says, this is a zero-gravity massage chair, offering you the most convenient massage sessions in the long run. With three levels of zero-gravity and extra-padded shoulder airbags, the chair provides a truly comfy feeling during all the massage modes.

If you are interested in checking out the pre-programmed modes, you can choose from the 6 options. You’d also be able to pick one of the five manual massage techniques. We also loved the Heating Therapy, which works for your legs and lower back. The massaging experience, in total, is impressive enough for the price.

It is clear that Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair focuses on design and ergonomics so that the massage experience is awesome. It needs to be noted that this affordable piece comes with body scan technology and dual foot rollers.

For the price you pay, this massage chair brings a lot of awesome features, some of which we’ve not seen inexpensive models either. We also loved the fact that Kahuna offers an easy-to-avail warranty system. When we consider all these things, this chair is suitable as a value-for-money pick.

#5. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is one of the very few massaging chairs that pack both computerized scanning sensors and the L-Track Massaging system. Both work in sync so that the massage experience is so unique and effective for people of all age.

Here too, we spotted and tried the 3 zero-gravity levels. These levels are the perfect combination of comfort and body relieving. Thanks to the design that simulates full-body stretching, you get a professional massaging feel too. All these things are controlled by a fully-fledged remote.

Coming to the usability aspect, the chair comes with 4 pre-programmed massage types. They are completely automatic and available with a single click. Apart from them, there are a bunch of specific and targeted massage types as well. Shiatzu and Kneading are some of such specific modes.

We were amazed to find lumbar back heating in such an inexpensive massage chair — and the feature works perfectly fine. It comes with two heating pads, which work simultaneously for relieving muscle aches. We do know a few people who use this particular chair for every day massages, after a long day at work.

Recalling our experience, we thought RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is suitable for everyday use. It doesn’t cost you much but offers one of the finest massaging experience in the market. Heating Element and Complete Body Scanning are some features we loved.

#6. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

The second-cheapest product in this compilation, Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair comes with one design that supports zero-gravity and a professional Shiatzu experience. By spending less than $1000, you can have a wonderful massage chair that packs features like the heater and automated programs.

Compared to the price, the 50 Airbags are just awesome, and the massage experience is too cool. There are 8 massage points, which are spread in such a way to bring the best experience for your body. It features not-so-common but practically-effective armrest linking system, which ensures the best balance for your body.

The aforementioned waist heater seemed effective when it comes to relieving muscle and providing a total ache-removal mechanism. We thought we should mention that the chair is made of PU Leather and quality is just unbeatable. We weren’t actually expecting that from a chair of this price-tag.

Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair comes with 4 automated programs that you can access in just a second. We believe this is standard for the price you are paying. Last but not least, the massage chair comes with a blasting 3-year warranty.

Considering all these things, Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair can provide you a rather standard massage experience, on a daily basis. You are actually getting a reliable massage chair that doesn’t allow many kinds of customization but shows justice to practicality and the price you pay.

#7. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

We’d like to end our list of massage chairs with Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair, which is having an affordable price tag. So, this is the least expensive yet worthy massage chair we recommend. While there aren’t any fancy features, with 30 airbags, the chair performs well.

Expecting fancy features would not make sense at this price point. You are paying just a fraction of premium ones’ cost. Still, BestMassage Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair does the job well, with a better control system and heating elements. We find that the shape has been optimized for matching with body posture.

As we had expected with respect to the price-tag, this massage chair comes with 4 massage modes — Relax, Refresh, Extend and Recovery. We really liked the easy to access control panel on the side of the chair. It’s a convenient option to change the mode and adjust another aspect.

It needs to be noted that BestMassage Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair doesn’t come with zero-gravity. Most of you should find it okay, especially for the price. Being a trusted brand in the market for massage chairs, it is possible to avail standard warranty from the firm.

At the end of the day, we’d recommend BestMassage Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair for people who don’t want to spend a lot on massage. You are missing a lot of things such as Zero-Gravity and various techniques, but, for standard massages, this chair is perfect out there.

Hope you liked the list of the best massage chairs in the market, we’ve some other information that’ll help you choose the best one for your need. Shall we start with who should be buying a massage chair?

Who Should Buy a Massage Chair?

Best Massage Chair

This is a confusing question, you know. Before we answer that question, let us ask something else — who on the earth doesn’t love a great massage after a long day at work?

It would not be wrong to say that everyone likes a great massage! The problem is that you can’t afford daily massages at any point. Things are going to be tougher if you like massages from an experienced professional therapist in the area. Of course, you cannot ignore the health benefits of massage, which include stress relief and ache reduction. But, how do you deal with the issue of expense? This is where a massage chair comes.

So, everyone who enjoys massages should buy a massage chair. But, of course, there are times when a chair becomes a necessity. For instance, suppose your physician has recommended frequent massages, for various purposes of muscle relieving and all. In that case, purchasing and using a massage chair makes more sense than visiting the professional massage therapy center on a daily basis. We hope you get the idea.

Depending on your purpose and preferences, you can purchase massage chairs from different budget levels in the market. For instance, if you are purchasing it for standard relaxation, you can have one without having to spend more than $1000. On the other hand, if you need the best quality and hi-tech features within the chair, you have better choices too.

Shall we now check out a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a massage chair?

Different Features of Massage Chairs

Let’s have a look at some of the features you find in massage chairs. Not all chairs may have these features, but all of them are useful, in one way or another. It’s good to know about these features and how they can help your muscles and the massaging experience.

Zero Gravity

zero gravity features
Zero Gravity Massage Chairs will place you in that position that astronauts maintain while they travel to space, offering additional comfort and a better blood circulation. The design also makes sure that the total weight of the user is distributed evenly on the chair. In short, you will be laying in the zero gravity position while the machine massages you. This is one feature you should try to include. While base models also offer zero-gravity options, advanced models will have multiple modes and angles.

Number of Air Cells

air cells features
Air Cells are the fundamental components of any massage chair in the market. These cells inflate and deflate in a continuous manner, and that’s how you get the massage feeling. So, the more air cells the chair has, the better it feels during massages. Cut the story short, you should try to purchase a massage chair that comes with a better number of air cells. Of course, the body-scanning and massage techniques equally matter too. Expensive chairs will have a huge number of air cells and corresponding massage area.

Number of Rollers & Their Range of Motion

dual and quad rollers comparison
Rollers are something you would definitely find inexpensive massage chairs from the market. These are used to create a human-like movement during the simulated massages. These rollers are moved in such a way that you get a natural feeling. Some machines offer a dedicated massage technique named Rolling, which is quite helpful when it comes to reducing the pressure on the back. You should also consider the movement of rollers. In some cases, it’s up-and-down while others have vertical-and-horizontal or circular movement too.

Heat Therapy

heat therapy features

This is yet another optional feature that you may find in massage chairs. It means that there will be a built-in heat therapy system on the back portion of the massage chair. When the heating is mode is activated, the module will start working and your muscles will be heated. Not everyone may like this, but this feature has been recommended by experts as something useful in the long run. So, when it comes to finalizing the chair you want to purchase, you can count in this feature.

While these features make enough sense, there are a few general things to take care of.

Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

So, given below are some general factors you should pay attention to. The perfect massage chair — whose existence we are not sure about — will be the equal combo in all these aspects. That having said, you may have your own preferences, depending on how you want to be massaged.

Body-Scanning and Adjustability

Body-Scanning technology in massage chairs is quite useful from an optimal-performance point of view. The chair will scan your body before the perfect massaging mode and the combination of air cells is activated. This will help you in getting a suitable and result-making massage session. At the same time, you should see how adjustable the chair is. The standard design may not be the most comfortable stature for you — so, you will have to make your own changes.

Level of Customization

You can’t expect much customization on the design aspect because massage chairs are normally rigid. That having said, you should pay attention to the changes you can make in the department of massages. For instance, it’s great to have an option to adjust the intensity of the massages as well as to choose the perfect massage technique. While automated massage profiles are good for quick results, you’d really love to have a customizable plan.

Audio, Screen and Remote Control

These are some techy features you can expect in massage chairs. Some manufacturers try to convert these massage chairs into a semi-entertainment system as well. So, you can expect an integrated control and ways to connect your audio sources. More importantly, however, you should see how the control options are. For instance, it’s recommended to have a fully-fledged remote control, using which you can manage how a chair is working. Make sure you get enough controls according to the preference sets you have.

Size and Space Requirements

Not everyone will have space to dedicate to a massage chair. So, you should make sure that your room or house has a sufficient amount of space to place the chair. In other words, you should purchase a smaller chair if you are having space constraints. This is a right choice for your comfort and practicality, we know. For instance, if you were expecting a full-body, comfortable massage session, you MUST purchase a bigger chair.

Noise Production

In the past years, manufacturers have been trying their best to minimize the amount of sound produced at the time of massages. This is an important consideration due to many reasons. First of all, it doesn’t sound right to listen to some sound while you are enjoying an awesome massage. So, you should try to pick up the chair with the lowest amount of noise. That having said, there are times when you have to compromise comfort for the sake of effective massages.

Easiness to Set-Up

This is something of great importance for all people. Not everyone has enough time and space to dedicate to the massage chair. You cannot pay for a professional, either. Even if you can afford technical assistance, it should be known beforehand. So, before you finalize the product, make sure that the product can easily be set up. If you think the product set-up is complex, you should better find some solutions. Because, the last time we checked, the chairs are pretty heavy and you would need some expertise.

Warranty & After-Sale Support

If you purchase one of the massage chairs, you don’t have to worry much. That having said, it always is a great feeling to have a long-term warranty from a reputed organization. This way, you can bring down your worries when it comes to accidental damages and defects. Also, just in case, professional support should be available from the manufacturer. So, for the longevity of products and utilization of what you pay, you must make sure that the company offers standard warranty and after-sale support.

Let’s Wrap Up

At the end of the day, what everyone wants is a perfect massage that boosts our muscles and mood alike. So, the first priority of choosing the best massage chair should be what you need from the device. That is, if you really want the chair to work for years, without compromise on quality, you should not hesitate to spend much. Hope you chose the best chair for your needs; have a lot of fun massages!

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