Central Pneumatic Air Compressor: Top 4 Air Compressor Reviews

Central Pneumatic’s range of air compressors and pneumatic tools were introduced in the year 1982 by Harbor Freight Tools in order to meet the increasing demand for high quality, but still affordable products for machinist, automotive, and shop use in the pneumatic category. Some of the other tools sold under this brand name include grinders, impact wrenches, sanders, compressor accessories, air tools, and ratchets. However, the most popular product from this brand in the market is Central Pneumatic Air Compressor.

The headquarters of Harbor Freight Tools is situated in California and it operate a chain of over 400 retail stores in around 45 states and also their online stores. This privately held company was actually founded in the year 1977.

An extensive range of tools from Central Pneumatic are very popular among the customers since they are known for their product quality, effectiveness as well as reasonable price. Furthermore, the easy availability of Central Pneumatic parts in the market ensure that you can get the parts easily replaced when there’s a problem. No wonder this brand name is popular among the professionals and amateurs alike!

Best Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Purchasing new spare parts from the market is quite troublesome with most brands, but it’s very easy to find Central Pneumatic air compressor parts both in the offline and online markets. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this brand of compressors. Find all that you need for your compressor so that you can rest assured that each product is of high quality at amazing prices to suit your budget and needs.

Since there are a vast number of individuals who appreciate the performance and functionality of Central Pneumatic air compressors, we’ve shared below a list of the top 4 air compressor models from this brand, which are a hot favorite among the customers.

#1 Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Model 67708

Central Pneumatic Model 67708 is a 10-gallon, 2.5 horsepower air compressor, which comes integrated with direct drive induction motor with thermal overloading protection. It’s a highly portable model – its well-devised carrying handle and the smooth rolling wheels help in easy transporting of the unit. However, it’s not an oil-free model and hence regular oiling is necessary, but remember that you don’t over-oil it. The clear view oil window will update you when it’s time for oil refilling. With proper storage and maintenance, this equipment can last for many years without any problems.

This Central Pneumatic Air Compressor can adequately fill an air tank in reasonable periods, while having sufficient power for running several air tools. The device might get a little noisy (88 dB at one meter is the decibel level), though most of the direct drive units are this way. The compressor is designed with a high impact ABS shroud to ensure maximum protection. Having undergone the rigorous and meticulous testing process of the Quality Assurance division of Harbor Freight Tools, this Central Pneumatic air compressor would have simulated the most severe real-life situations during the testing process and hence can withstand successfully the real world situations.

As long as the compressor is properly oiled and maintained, Central Pneumatic 67708 is probably the best choice for daily use around your home.

#2 Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Model 95275

The next top Central Pneumatic Air Compressor on our list is the Model 95275. This is a highly portable compressor, thanks to its fair size. The oil-free design calls for reduced maintenance and further the low profile, pancake style helps in enhancing stability and moving the compressor easily from one place to the other. Since it’s quite small in size, it can easily be kept in small storage spaces. Weighing just 21.38 pounds, it can easily be carried around with the handle.

As the saying goes ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, you shouldn’t be judging the efficiency of this model by its size. Even though it’s quite small in size, it still can work very efficiently with most of the air tools. It works best for jobs like trim works, craft projects, inflating tires, and more. Model 95275 offers great value for money and it’s adequately powerful for daily house projects. It delivers the power that’s needed for inflation, stapling, nailing, construction, and more.

The fact that this pancake air compressor comes with inbuilt storage for accessories is appealing for many prospective buyers. It features a tank of three gallon capacity that also comes with a drain valve that is easy to use – just follow four simple steps and soon you can empty the drain valve.  

The integrated pressure gauge is quite big and hence very easy to read. Besides the tank pressure gauge, it also sports an output gauge. The unit’s maximum pressure is 100 PSI, while the output power of the compressor is 1/3 hp. This compressor supports the VAC voltage type and has 120V. It sports an 18 gauge power cord and an air outlet that is ¼-inch.

What makes this compressor even more popular among the customers is its reasonable price tag that reads around 40 dollars. Moreover, it comes with a 90-days warranty. Central Pneumatic 95275 Air Compressor is an ideal choice if you want to use it for small tasks like inflation, nailing or stapling.

#3 Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Model 61454

Central Pneumatic Model 61454 air compressor is very popular and highly rated among the users. It can be linked to a wide range of air hoses with an inbuilt universal quick-connect coupler. Producing 2.5 horsepower, it can inflate the tires or power the tools in your home with lots of energy. You can easily move around this vertical compressor on the provided two 6-inch wheels, whereas the two integrated rubber foot stabilizers decrease vibration during use.

This solid air compressor comes equipped with a 2.5 horsepower heavy duty motor, which is adequate for use by homeowners. The compressor comes factory-lubricated for long life with precision machined cast iron sleeve. The single capacitor motor comes integrated with thermal overload protection. There’s an oil level indicator window, which helps in easy maintenance. The ergonomic handle and 6-inch wheels in the wheel kit ensure smooth portability.

Some of the salient specifications of this Central Pneumatic Air Compressor are listed below:

  • Air delivery: 4.7 CFM at 90 PSI and 5.8 CFM at 40 PSI
  • 2.5 horsepower rated heavy duty motor
  • Wheel kit with 6 inch wheels for smooth portability
  • Single capacitor motor integrated with thermal overload protection
  • Rubber foot stabilizers for decreased vibration
  • Inbuilt quick coupler for suitable connection to air hose

With all the specifications it has and features that it comes integrated with, Central Pneumatic Model 61454 is an ideal choice for daily tasks around the home.

#4 Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Model 60637

Central Pneumatic Model 60637 is a pancake design oil-free air compressor, which has satisfied a majority of the buyers. The pancake styled low profile design helps in improving the stability and easy portability. On the other hand, the oil-free design implies that less maintenance is required and hence less burden on users. Since it comes factory-lubricated for lifelong, there’s no need for users to lubricate it with oil once in a while.

This pancake air compressor provides the air power that is needed for nailing, inflation, construction, stapling, and more. The equipped tank has a capacity of 100 gallon. The design of the compressor is compact, but still it successfully delivers the required compressed power.

Some of the salient specifications of Central Pneumatic Model 60637 air compressor are listed below:

  • 0.6 CFM @ 90 PSI air delivery
  • 1 CFM @ 40 PSI
  • Inbuilt accessory storage
  • Low maintenance oil-less pump
  • Gauges that are easy to read (maximum 100 PSI)
  • Completely bounded motor housing with a handle for easy portability
  • 120 volts, 2.6 amps Thermal overload protection
  • Integrates quick connect coupler
  • Air outlet: ¼-inch – 18 NPT brass valve tank drain
  • 18 gauge power cord

Thanks to all the features that this pancake compressor offers! This Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is a bit hit among the new home owners and DIYers.

If you are new to air compressors and are not sure about the brand you need to go for, Central Pneumatic is a great choice, especially the top four options listed here. When you buy a compressor from this brand for light duty work, you are sure to discover that it performs like a champion. They are highly reliable for light usage with pretty consistent flow and good recovery time.

If you are still doubtful, you can always check out the online reviews to find out which air compressor model from Central Pneumatic is the best. You are sure to find most of these top options listed as a favorable buy.

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