How to Convert a Hand Drill into a Drill Press

It’s always vital to work efficiently with no wasted time, energy and time whenever we’re dealing with wood or metal. Hand tools and specifically the hand drill is one of the hand tools that normally come to our mind whenever we contemplate of tools that can help us do the job right. Hand drills are defined by their name. As a simple machine they’re deemed to make our lives easier and our work easier, however, that’s not always the case as they may fail their purpose- a common occurrence with virtually all machines, you know.

In some cases, a hand drill can fail to work once its capacity starts to choose selected materials and holes to accomplish. Additionally, holding a hand drill above a target hole is mostly hard to achieve. However, the long wait is now over, nowadays, you can convert your hand drill into a drill press easy and fast. The drill press proves special since it facilitates faster and successful handwork.

Evidently, a hand drill can be easily converted to and from a drill press using an adapter. This is cheaper than buying a dedicated drill press. Below are simple steps to enable you to convert a hand drill into a drill press, you just need to have a drill press stand.

1. Remove The Clamp

Yes, do you see that thing that tightly secures your hand drill? It’s the clamp. Get rid of it as you won’t need it anymore. You’ll need to replace it with the clamp of the drill press. Most drill press stands are in a U-shape and comes with a heavy wire with two nuts at the bottom of the drill press stand. Put the hand drill in the frame with its handle faced away from the position of the drill press stand then swap the clamp. Tighten the clamp nuts. Using the drill press’s clamp, secure the drill thus letting you work continuously.

2. Mount It

Unlike a hand drill, the converted drill press promises is fixed on a board. Escalate the drill press stand to a work bench where possible. In case you don’t have a work bench, opt for a piece of plywood of about ¾ inches. Ensure that the size of the plywood and board are bigger than the base of the clamp and stand of the board to the bench. Ultimately, fix the hand drill in a manner that it can work efficiently as desired.

At this stage, the conversion of the hand drill is almost complete. However, you need to take some vital precautions. Remember to use the converted drill press carefully and note that it might not be strong enough to drill holes in an iron sheet. In a nut shell, this is a light duty arrangement and shouldn’t be used to create holes in metals and exceptionally hard woods, stay informed.

3. Safety First

Folks, better safe than sorry, right? Considering that, always wear safety glasses while using a drill press. There might be some small pieces that might injure your eyes. By using the safety glasses, you prevent them from getting into your eyes. Undoubtedly, it’s crucial to employ safety measures whenever you’re checking whether your drill is properly working or not. After all, isn’t prevention better than cure!

Bottom Line

Conversion of a hand drill into a drill press takes few minutes and don’t cost you the earth. If anything, it’s cheaper than purchasing a new drill press. Importantly, notice and focus on everything for optimal results. Focus on the quality and size of the clamp. Be keen on the clamp you purchase and be careful with the nut fixation process. Fix them tightly to ensure they don’t loosen in a small time period. The converted drill press should work efficiently for sure.

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