Understanding the Different Types of Leaf Blowers

There are many different kinds of leaf blowers on the market. Out of these the electric leaf blowers are often preferred over the gas engine leaf blowers. Both, however, are used to clear away leaves and debris from the yard. It all depends on personal preferences in the end. Let’s have a brief look at some of these types.

1. Electric Leaf Blower

Electric leaf blower rate quite high as far as the convenience and light weight is concerned. However, these are mostly corded therefore they might obstruct mobility. Because their weight is either 7lb. or less, they can easily be held in one hand. There is usually a single button in an electric leaf blower to start the machinery to avoid any hassle. It also has zero exhaust emissions.

For such a lightweight machine it has great power and strength to meet your clean up demands.

2. Gas Leaf Blower

The gas leaf blower is also meant for one hand use. Its cordless mobility gives it an edge over the electric counterparts. However, it doesn’t operate on a single push button and you will have to yank a cord to start its engines.

As compared to the electric leaf blower, the gas leaf blower is a bit noisy so you will have to buy ear protection gear. They are also a bit heavier than the other ones. Gas leaf blower comes in two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines as well. The four-stroke engines are more environment-friendly but they also make the machinery heavy.

3. Backpack Leaf Blower

Backpack leaf blower is another version of this useful machinery and is perfect for cleaning up large places. Though it is best for a commercial purpose it can be used at home as well especially when the lawns or gardens in the estate are big.

Backpack leaf blower is built to allow comfortable performance. It is usually fitted with a back padding and comfortably sized harness so that the whole operation becomes very easy for the gardener. Its machinery is light but powerful enough to complete any job. For more information on backpack leaf blower go here.

4. Cordless Leaf Blower

The cordless leaf blower is like any other leaf blower but with the added advantage of being cordless. The cordless leaf blower has increased mobility making any yard clean up the job very easy.

5. Blower Vacuum

Blower vacuum is somewhat different than the above-mentioned leaf blowers as this one has a vacuum fitted in it. Though it also cleans up the garage and yard, it is designed to suck in the leaves and debris and not blow it away.

It comes with a bag attached to it, where the leaves can be collected. Some of its models are also fitted with a shredder so that it can shred the debris while collecting it.

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