The Quick Guide to Set up Your Drill Press

Excited about setting up your drill press and getting ready to start your work right away? If that’s it, thumbs up for the priceless acquisition. Undoubtedly, a drill press is a vital tool for any serious DIY enthusiast. It’s evidently a tool that all woodworkers should have in their arsenal.

Considering the importance of a drill press and its tasks, it’s important to ensure it’s set up properly for optimal success and safety in completing your projects. The setup and maintenance of a hand drill is simple and can yield untold happy drilling years in future. Proper safety measures, safe set-up and general maintenance of this power tool are the secrets behind all woodworking success. The need to follow the direction for its set up as stipulated in the user manual can’t be overstated.

Excited about setting up your drill press and getting ready to start your work right away? Well, just hold for a bit. This quick guide will help you set up your drill press safe and sound and get you going in a few. Importantly, these few things mean a lot while doing the setup.

Preparing Your Environment

Working in a safe surrounding means a lot. It does not only determine your efficiency but also how long you avoid occasional accidents. For instance:

  • Store your equipment in a location where all required tools can be reached easily.
  • Always place your drill press in a manner that you can work on any work-piece on it.
  • Leave enough space around it for easy movement
  • Always locate your equipment near a storage area.


Varied drill presses have different supports. Pay attention to your support to help avoid accidents. You may need to:
Consider acquiring steel supports for bench drill presses
Good support also ensures better work environment.
Opt for best technique to secure your support. For instance, for concrete floors, masonry bolts will prove handy.

Power Supply

Before running your drill press, ensure you have the right power supply. Considering the following points will go a long way into saving you from equipment failure.

  • Check the power rating of your drill press to get an understanding of its safe operating conditions and the specified power supply.
  • Use a different electric circuit for your power equipment. A long extension cord is not the best as it can easily create a tripping hazard. In case you can’t help using an extension cord, ensure proper grounding id provided and verify that the card has the necessary electrical rating.
  • Use fuse and protective electrical appliances to avoid electric shocks.
  • Consider power quality equipment to ensure correct voltage quality of power supply. Low voltage damages the motors.


Just like most power tools, a drill press undergoes a lot of heat and pressure due to its work as moving parts constantly surround it. The heat and friction can result into wear and tear thus decreased life of your drill press. You don’t want that to happen, right?
While lubricating, you need to do the following:

  • Use right machine oil to avoid rusting.
  • Ensure you clean the drill press after use by removing any dirt lodged on slots, belts, pulleys and grooves.
  • Importantly, always refer to manufacturer’s manual for the lubrication methods that best suit your drill press.

Proper Work Conditions

Don’t overwork the drill press. Doing so may damage its motors thus causing it to malfunction.
Ensure correct work environment temperatures. In cold conditions, metals may brittle while the motor may overheat in hot conditions.

Regular Check of Parts

Check spindle and belt for any damage.
Regularly check the raising and lowering mechanism of the drilling press.
Always keep the chuck clean.

Safety Guidelines

Safety comes first. Always uphold safety measures while handling any power tools lest you invite injuries.


This is important in ensuring the drill press stand the test of time. Clean it regularly and apply the right lubricant to ensure it keeps running smoothly. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidebook for detailed insights about various maintenance guidelines as well. Ultimately, take proper care of your drill press. That can go a long way.

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