Best Portable Air Compressor in 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The utilization of compressed air is most of the time underestimated in many industries. This product can certainly be utilized for creating the kinetic energy that makes it pretty productive for purposes like inflating tires and also powering pneumatic tools. However, these air compressors cannot actually be used at optimal levels. As this product is supported using corded electricity, it has actually limited mobility. In such scenarios, these best portable air compressor is actually considered to be major lifesavers for many. Of late, there have been so many people who have a great opinion about air compressors. Harbor Freight air compressor review on some popular sites clearly state that it is a very good place to purchase air compressors.

All these portable air compressors are specifically designed to be highly durable and also pretty easily transportable. Since these products are small, you can without any difficulty place it in a car or even garage without taking too much of space. Even though this is very compact in size, the compressor can actually be utilized for tasks that need a great amount of power. If you plan to look out for this kind of a machine, it is critical that you are totally aware of the capabilities.

Here is an article that will give some insights into air compressors that are portable.

How To Choose The Best Portable Air Compressor

Best Portable Air Compressor

Portable air compressors are actually available in so many sizes. Therefore, it can be pretty difficult for you to pick the perfect machine that actually matches your requirements. Though there are so many differences between these models that are available in the market, one major distinction is in the energy source that is utilized by the machine. This type of air compressor is actually powered by gasoline or electricity. Here are some important details that you will have to know about these 2 types of portable air compressors before you invest in it.

Electric Air Compressor:

Batteries are utilized to make this kind of compressor. Although these air compressors are compact in nature, the battery supported machines generally tend to be much small in size and are light in weight. Therefore, it allows people to effortlessly store this product. The portable electric compressor is actually very ideal for home or internal use because there is nothing like noise pollution or any sort of toxic release. You don’t even have to worry about the occurrence of fire incidents that might happen when you transport the machine.

Gas Air Compressor:

These portable compressors make a use of gasoline mainly as it is a big power source. These types of gasoline compressors are usually regarded to be very robust and it is really very useful for carrying out heavy tasks. Since the gasoline compressors do mostly result in noise pollution, they are very much suited for external purposes. As these machines have a pilot unload valve, they can automatically open or even close based on the pressure in the tank. These kinds of functionalities make it ideal for external use.

Best Portable Air Compressor 2018 Reviews

#1 PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor

This air compressor is ideally useful for all the outdoor and also indoor use. The pancake-like tank generally offers users high stability that makes the compressor suitable for even heavy tasks despite its size, which is compact in nature. This set of specs enables the machine to have storage of nearly 6 gallons of air, which enables the compressor to operate for a long time. The product will also have the 13 tool accessory kit that is great for all the new users.


  • High Air Delivery – This product has one adjustable regulatory, which allows you to adjust the delivery pressure as per your requirements. The maximum pressure capacity of this tank is around 150 PSI. This will allow the users to easily maneuver the machine for bigger intervals. This high delivery of air also betters the compressor’s recovery time to much favorable levels.
  • The Power Factor – The battery with 110 V and 0.8 hp power allows the machine to work quite effectively despite the design that is very compact. These types of specifications are best for air compressors of this size as they allow the users to maneuver these machines without many physical efforts.
  • The Structure – The general form of this machine is very durable as this model is built with a very good induction motor. The gadget does have the capability to better its performance or even extend the air compressor’s life. The easily replaceable brushes in the motor and also the 159 PSI max pressure lets these machines to last for a much longer duration. Moreover, the design of this product lets you recharge the compressor in a short span of time.

#2 Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

The compressor is a super hit clearly due to the fact that it is highly durable. Irrespective of how difficult the work may be, you can quite easily finish the job effectively. The product is developed to generate massive industrial power and output that makes this super compressor best for some heavy duty tasks. In spite of the higher output, this machine will certainly last for long. This thereby makes it a highly cost-effective investment.


  • Awesome Performance –  This machine is specially developed to generate the great level of performance.
  • Reduced Loudness – Its 1720 (RPM) pump lets the users bring down the loudness of the portable compressor to some extent. The noise levels of this tool are less than 80 dBA. This makes it less noisy than the other compressors.
  • Great Longevity – As this machine operates at almost half the RPM in comparison with the other products in the same category, it has a really high pump life. The lower levels of RPM let the pump to stay for a longer duration. The lifespan of this machine is further enhanced by the use of cast iron design.

#3 Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1-Gallon Compressor

This electric compressor has been specially designed for the purpose of DIY (Do it yourself). In case you have a hobby that needs you to use a best portable air compressor, then this is the best bet. The highly powerful motor gives a great amount of pressure, which will most certainly allow you to get the job done in no time. The versatility of this machine is that it allows you to use it for any small task. Moreover, this compressor works quietly and it does have the capability of recharging in a short span of time.


  • Incredible Performance – Even after being so compact, this machine is quite capable of giving the users a high-level performance. This pneumatic piston and also the 120 PSI- output bring out the performance of this machine to a higher level. Its efficiency is further increased by the 0.5 horsepower.
  • Easy to Maneuver – This compressor is very easy to use as it has many gauges. These functionalities let you easily check the pressure of your tank as and when you wish. This compressor also has a coupler, which lets you disconnect the machine as and when you want.
  • Highly Efficient – This compressor’s pump-up time is pretty low in comparison with its counterparts. It’s less than two minutes pump-up time. Its 30 seconds recovery time lets one experience minimum downtime and also maximum usage.

#4 DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor

The electricity driven machine from Dewalt is the best for any type of task that is within the household. This product is neatly designed by Dewalt for the homeowners. Therefore, you can rest assured that this product will not need any kind of maintenance. This air compressor works at a very low noise level, which can further be maneuvered effectively without any sort of inconvenience. Many of them feel that this is one awesome machine that can be used in homes.


  • Highly Powerful – This six tank gallon capacity makes it a very powerful air compressor as it functions at 165 PSI. The air is generally delivered via the 90 PSI pump. The machine operates for longer duration because of the high power capacity. One more advantage is that this motor can actually start off very easily even during the cold weather conditions.
  • Less Noise – The well-made design of this air compressor makes sure that it does not produce too much noise when it is being operated. The maximum noise that will be released while it is being operated is around 75 decibels. Therefore, you will easily be able to use the compressor without any problem.
  • Awesome Performance – The performance of these machines is enhanced via the number of accessories and tools. The air compressor does include some couplers for performing much more effectively. The usage of high flowing regulators is pretty efficient in bettering the performance.

Wrapping Up

After reading the above information you should have a great idea of how to find the best portable air compressors for your specific needs. We wish you luck with your new, lightweight machine! More air compressor reviews and information can be found right here.

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