Safety Precautions to Take with Your New Drill Press

“It is Ok darling; I’m very keen and know what I’m doing.”

This is something that most of us who are DIY freak usually tell our loved ones and even our bosses when working with machinery. But, that’s wrong. Operating shop equipment can be very hazardous and it’s prudent you use the recommended best practices. For instance, when you’re a regular drill press user and especially after acquiring a new one, it’s good to know what safety precaution to take with it so as to avoid any serious injury.

What To Do Before Using A Drill Press

  1. Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully.
  2. Ensure you understand and have adequate training before operating it.

Safety Precautions To Take With Your New Drill Press

drill press safety

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Clear The Drilling Space

Before starting the drilling operation, you must first clear the drilling space. There are several unwanted materials lying over there such as small cutting tools, scrap, clamps and a lot more. By removing all that you rest assured of reduced effort while working with the drill press without any worries.

Wear Proper Protection

We are often oblivious of the fact that our bodies are exposed to too much hazardous materials while doing drilling operation using a drill press. Considering that, it’s very vital for the users to put on the necessary protection gears. For instance, purring on an Apron will shield us from flying scrap. Additionally, safety goggles will help us avoid any kind of injuries to the operator’s eye.

Take Care Of Your Fingers

Fingers are very exposed to injuries while working with the drill press. As such, you ought to keep them away from such harmful elements. The harmful elements include scrap that emanates from the workplace after the cutting procedure.

Take Care Of Your Clothes

This is perhaps the most vital safety precaution when using a drill press. Don’t wear loose clothes while drilling as that may cause them to stock up in the rotating tool. You can imagine the jerk that may give to your body, right? Therefore, mind what you wear and wear them properly while operating the drill press.

Ensure You Secure The Cutting Tool Properly In The Clamp

It’s prudent to ensure the cutting tool is clamped and locked in a proper position. If not properly secured, it might shake, waiver and come down while the cutting is ongoing. This might cause the workpiece to rotate along the tool and if you come in contact with it, you might catch serious injuries.

Ensure Usage Of Correct Accessories

While working with your new drill press, ensure you use the bits and drill that have been designed for that particular model. You can get this information after going through the manual properly. Using wrong drill bits and accessories can damage your drill press.

Stay Away From The Child

Most of us may take drilling as a home improvement hobby thus placing the drill press recklessly at home. However, it’s good to ensure children stay away from the machine to avoid drill press hazards.

Handle The Drill Press With Care

Never apply unnecessary force on the drill press lest it ends up affecting its cutting operation. Excess force can cause untold trouble and lead into the rough profile. Always take proper care not to imbalance the drill press.

Don’t Touch It’s Components While Working

These components include the cutting tool that’s going through the rotation. Contacting such tool can lead to severe injuries and pain to us. Also, avoid touching the fresh cut scrap as they have the high temperature that could cause serious burns.

Work At The Recommended Speed Only

Speed limits for varied workpiece materials are usually stipulated on the table on the drill press. Always stick to those speed limits and never overrule them as that may cause overrun of the drill or a rough cutting profile.

Work In A Proper Ambiance

Always use the drill press under proper working conditions. Avoid places with moisture and hot and humid climates as that might lead into corrosion of the machine parts.

Wrapping Up The Drill Press

Ultimately, after the drilling operation, clean the work tables, disconnect it from the power source, remove the cutting tool and store everything in their proper place.

Final Thoughts

By using these safety precautions properly, you will undoubtedly avoid most of drill press dangers. Keep safe, all the best.

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